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  • MULTI-LOCATION OPTIMIZED: Deploy a feature-rich, consistent, globally accessible unified communications platform and service for your organization.
  • MULTI END-POINT OPTIONS: Our system can be configured to use existing SIP phones, mobile devices, soft-phones, or landlines; optimized for quick and easy deployment.
  • OPERATOR CONSOLE/PRESENCE BUILT-IN: Call routing by the automated operator can be configured to your presence and know when to take appropriate actions on calls inbound to your organization.
  • FULL MOBILE DEVICE SUPPORT: Dedicated Apple and Android mobile apps, full mobility, turns mobile devices into fully functioning extensions, with every feature of the UC system available on mobile.
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View Multiple Live Video Feeds – Administrators can also view a Live Feed from Eagle Eye from within the Video page in OnAir. Multiple live feeds can be combined into one or more matrix displays.
This technology unchains your employees and makes business communication more efficient, frequent, and cost-effective. Other advantages include:
*Simple maintenance & Scalability
*Flexible, Anytime-anywhere calling
*Variety of call features & Cost Effective
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Grace Networks is a full-service Arkansas VOIP & Broadband provider. Our local based technicians will keep your systems up and running smoothly in order for you to have crystal clear communications. Our firm is based in Little Rock, Arkansas, making it simple for our employees to service your small, medium, or enterprise level organization quickly. Should you be outside of our local service zone, fear not, because with our nationwide service programs, we can have you covered from coast to coast. We are not only a top provider in VOIP services, but we also provide a host of other communications and technology services, such as GPS, Fleet Management, Broadband, and Nationwide Push-to-Talk. Grace Communications is a locally-owned, one-stop-shop for all your communication needs. Keep peace in mind knowing that we have all of your VOIP, Broadband and IP needs covered!